Pod 125: Mad Mads

October 12, 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome! It's international break, so there's not much to discuss, but we try to find something anyway! Bob Bradley at Swansea, the upcoming Liverpool match, the correct lineup, a few #AskTheReserves, and Casey disrupts the Beyhive. With five matches in the next 12 days, October is going to be a busy month, so let's ease back into it. 


Pod 124: Pitbulls & Politics

September 29, 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Skeleton crew tonight, since Paddy is away on a business trip to Pleasantville, but that doesn't stop us from talking about the 4-1 victory over defending champs, Leicester City, or going off on a few tangents about Pit bulls, politics and LVG's virtual reality video sessions. Grab a snack, kick back, and listen as we break down the upcoming matches, toss out some predictions, wax intellectual on the French Connection (Manchester United version).


Pod 123: Dig In!

September 22, 2016

Pod 123! Join The Fucking Reserves as they dig in to Manchester United's last three matches (two losses and a win), but no one hits the panic button. Rooney dominates most of the conversation, which is what we'd all love to see him to in the actual games, but alas... There's also time for some Knee Jerk Reactions, a few #AskTheReserves, match predictions, stories that have no bearing on anyone's life, and of course, Big Johnson t-shirts. Let's get to it!


Red Card Live! - Episode 70: JnF III

September 15, 2016

Greetings Red Card Nation!! It wouldn't be Jak n Friends if we didn't have some technical difficulties. At this point, we appreciate the patience ya'll have with us. The gang talks about things without Jak, Skype goes in and out and we're all along for the ride this week on the Red Card. All in all, we think you'll still enjoy this episode. If it sounded like a professional show, you'd probably stop listening. #MUFC #GGMU @RedCardLive @Dalton_Kurtz @MikeClaytonc @MiamiSpartan95


Pod 122: Cereal Killers

September 15, 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome to episode 122 of The Fucking Reserves! This week Byron, Paddy, and Trevor get together to discuss the the initial Europa League match against Feynoord Rotterdam, and the match against Watford a few days later. There's also a long digression about (one of) Casey's future projects of owning a cereal bar, Hope Solo, and Wayne Rooney's future. Oh, apparently there was a match last weekend too. We briefly discuss the outcome, but we've already forgotten what happened. Onward and upward! Glory, glory Man United!


Red Card Live! - Episode 69: Derby Day

September 9, 2016

Greetings Red Card Nation!!! It is upon us. The Derby. Nuf said. @RedCardLive @Dalton_Kurtz


Pod 121: Mourinho’s Mindf*%k

September 8, 2016

Pod 121! The Fucking Reserves are back from international duty and we're ready to discuss the Manchester Derby, verbally fellate Marcus Rashford, and learn a few Rush lyrics for good measure. We've got some #AskTheReserves, riff on Colin Kapernick, discuss RVP's looming homecoming/proper sendoff in the otherwise lackluster Europa League announcement, and get off track and on a rant on more than one occasion. Join Trevor, The Big Dogg, and Paddy the Mc for another episode of The Fucking Reserves.


Red Card Live! - Episode 68: The Lost JnF

September 3, 2016


As we've said many times before, nothing good happens over international break. Let's hope our boys in Red take care and stay healthy this weekend. United have a big match on the horizon and we'll have a big discussion come next week's pod.  
This week, however, we bring you a little something magical. The tragic lost episode has been restored to its initial glory, thanks to Jak's IT dept. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

Red Card Live! - Episode 67: Gruden Talks Pogba

August 24, 2016

GREETINGS RED CARD NATION!!! What a match last Friday! Zlatan looks amazing, Pogba looks poised and United look deadly. Join Jak and Gary as they discuss the match results and the match to come. This week was an IT win. Nice work Jak. @RedCardLIVE @MiamiSpartan95


Pod 120: Munchausen Moments

August 24, 2016

Episode 120 is here! Three episodes in three weeks, we're back on track, and rolling right along. We break down the Southampton game as only we can, get some predictions in for the Hull City match this weekend, and go on a small tangent about The Media (well, that one is mostly Casey). We've also got #AskTheReserves, another round of #GentlemensAgreements, the return of the #WeeklyFuckYou, and your favorite new segment (courtesy of @DazkyUnited), the #KneeJerkoff.