Pod 143: The Fellaini/Young Apocalypse

October 4, 2017

Welcome, welcome, welcome to a bit more subdued episode of The Fucking Reserves. Byron, Paddy, and Trevor get together to discuss the wins over Southampton, CSKA Moscow, and the lowly Crystal Palace. We also fill some time with random news, since International Break is *extreme Jean Ralphio voice* THE WOOOOOORRRSSST!



Pod 142: Hot Takes & Lost Takes

September 21, 2017

Welcome, welcome, welcome! We're not going to lie... this one's a mess. Half of it got deleted when GarageBand crashed, but we made up for it by getting weirder than usual. Let's get to it.




Pod 141: The New Invincibles

August 30, 2017

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Another episode of The Fucking Reserves is upon us, and the whole gang is here to chat about the Swansea and Leicester matches, the Champions League draw, and not nearly as many Gentlemen's Agreements as we were promised. We do cover a few #AskTheReserves, some #KneeJerkOffs, and our usual off-topic ramblings, so fire up the aux cable, or grab your headphones, and let us entertain you throughout your day.


Red Card Live! - Episode 76: JnF VI

August 19, 2017

GREETINGS RED CARD NATION We're back in full force talking everything Manchester United. It's the entire crew, back again for the first time in months. Shed a tear and have a laugh with the gang!

@RedCardLive @RedLifeManU @MiamiSpartan95 @Dalton_Kurtz

#soccer #MUFC #Swansea #Lukaku #Pogba #United #ManchesterUnited#GGMU #BPL #UCL #ChampionsLeague #GreatShit #funny #comedy #discussion #debate #cops


Pod 140: Alexa, Super Likes, and Manchester United

August 16, 2017

New season! New Pod! Same old bullshit!

Welcome back to another season of The Fucking Reserves! The whole crew is on hand to discuss everything that happened since May (when we last had an episode), and boy oh boy do we ger right back to our old tricks. Join us as we harass Paddy's robot helper Alexa, discuss the first United match of the season, extended riffs on a few other teams, some #AskTheReserves, and a whole bunch of Tinder. We've missed you all and we're happy to be back in your lives (and ears).



Red Card Live! - Episode 75: Seasons Change

August 10, 2017

GREETINGS RED CARD NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jak's back to his old tricks, rippin a solo pod talking about tons of shit with absolutley nothing prepared! If you've been paying attention this summer, that's all the prep you NEED. Join us as Jak hates on the French league and sings the praises of Manchester United!


#ManchesterUnited #MUFC #MANU #UNITED #GGMU #Jose #Mikerhino #Pogba #Ibara #Lukaku #Giggs #Mhki #GreatShit #Podcast #Soccer#Football #Reds #RedDevils #ChampionsLeague #DidIMentionGreatShit


Pod 139: Romy and Michele’s United Podcast

July 2, 2017

Welcome, welcome, welcome! We warned you this might happen—the long awaited solo outing of Trevor Hale! Only, instead of rambling into a microphone for an hour, he set up shop on his porch, and let his neighbors/friends run the show for a change. If you've ever wondered how your wives and girlfriends feel about shirtless United players, then this is the podcast for you! If you've never wondered that at all, then come back next time (if there ever is a next time).

The Fucking Reserves have officially jumped the shark and nothing will ever be the same!



Pod 138: Old Gods and the New

May 25, 2017

GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!!!! Hot on the heels of United's Europa League victory, Casey, Paddy, and Trevor sit down to discuss the the end of the season, and what needs to happen going forward. They also revisit some old topics, answer a few #AskTheReserves, and get a visit from a long lost friend. 



Pod 137: Big ‘Uns!

April 27, 2017

Your favorite irregularly scheduled podcast is back! Byron, Paddy, and Trevor get together on a rainy night in Salt Lake City to discuss the big matches coming up for United. We run through everything we missed, answer a few questions, and go off on our usual tangets unrelated to the subject of the actual podcast. Still! You wouldn't expect anything less!


Pod 136: World Tour!

April 9, 2017

Live from the U.K., it's The Fucking Reserves World Tour! Paddy and Trevor recap their trip to Manchester, Hotel Football, and  talk about seeing United in the Theater of Dreams, Old Trafford itself. Paddy talks about getting Zlatan tattooed on him, Trevor talks about vegan food across the pond, and the two of them shoot the shit for a bit from the garden of their AirBnb in Crystal Palace, on the nicest day London has seen in months. Come along.