Red Card Live! - Episode 72: The Glue

December 9, 2016

Greetings Red Card Nation - back again for a little 1v1 with Mike from RedlifeManU. Shooting the shit for about an hour we talk all things Manchester United. Join us, won't you? @RedCardLive @MikeClaytonC


Pod 130: Matchcast

December 8, 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Pod 130! Join Paddy and Trevor as they record during halftime and directly following the Europa League match this week. We touch on the Everton draw, who we think are actually "Mourinho's guys", and which players are in the shop window. We also give our predictions for the next two EPL matches and take a look at the December schedule. It's a little bit more focused, a little bit shorter, and there's not a single piece of candy being opened! So get to it.




Pod 129: Quiz Show

November 30, 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Pod 129! The Reserves are back in action with a whole host of #AskTheReserves, more than a few #KneeJerkOff reactions, some studies about Mormon sex lives, thoughts on our President-elect, Thanksgiving dinner routines, and a couple minutes about our beloved Manchester United. You know the drill. 



Pod 128: Cocaine Cowboys

November 16, 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Pod 128! We're still fretting over the future of our country, but we manage to talk a bit coherently about Manchester United this week. Arsenal visits Old Trafford this week, Herrera's getting a little frisky on the pitch, and Rooney crashed a Scottish wedding during the break. We also manage a few mea culpa's, check in with Casey's favorite former USWNT player, and veer way off the topic of soccer. All in all, another week with The Fucking Reserves!


Red Card Live! - Episode 71: South by South Westworld

November 15, 2016

GREETINGS RED CARD NATION: Can you believe it? WE'RE BACK! Jak is back and better than ever. He tells us of things that he has seen and places that he has been. He gives some serious Westworld spoilers (if you've not caught up to Episode 7), and gives us his feelings on the president-elect. Sprinkle in some Cubs World Series with a dash of USA v Mexico and you have 80 minutes of your life... gone. To be honest, it felt great to get on the mic tonight to bring you the thoughts of Jak Smythe. Thank you very much for listening! #mou #USAvMEX #westworld #sex #robots #trump #cubs #FlyTheW #Jamaica #mufc #United #ManU @RedCardLive @ReservesCast


Pod 127: The Saddest Day

November 9, 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome! If you thought the last podcast was a mess, wait till you get a load of this one! We mumble our way through a little bit of United news while being shellshocked about our Presidential election results. If you ever wanted to hear the podcast version of the "Crying Jordan" meme, this one's for you.


Pod 126: La Sexorcisto (aka It’s Been a Rough Week)

October 27, 2016

Pod 126! I'm not going to lie to you, this one is probably a mess from your point of view. From our point of view, it was tons of fun! There's a little bit of United talk sandwiched between stories of 90's rock, robot prostitutes, and the occasional rabbit hole of incoherent crosstalk, but that's why you love us. You know it's true, so let's get to it!


Pod 125: Mad Mads

October 12, 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome! It's international break, so there's not much to discuss, but we try to find something anyway! Bob Bradley at Swansea, the upcoming Liverpool match, the correct lineup, a few #AskTheReserves, and Casey disrupts the Beyhive. With five matches in the next 12 days, October is going to be a busy month, so let's ease back into it. 


Pod 124: Pitbulls & Politics

September 29, 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Skeleton crew tonight, since Paddy is away on a business trip to Pleasantville, but that doesn't stop us from talking about the 4-1 victory over defending champs, Leicester City, or going off on a few tangents about Pit bulls, politics and LVG's virtual reality video sessions. Grab a snack, kick back, and listen as we break down the upcoming matches, toss out some predictions, wax intellectual on the French Connection (Manchester United version).


Pod 123: Dig In!

September 22, 2016

Pod 123! Join The Fucking Reserves as they dig in to Manchester United's last three matches (two losses and a win), but no one hits the panic button. Rooney dominates most of the conversation, which is what we'd all love to see him to in the actual games, but alas... There's also time for some Knee Jerk Reactions, a few #AskTheReserves, match predictions, stories that have no bearing on anyone's life, and of course, Big Johnson t-shirts. Let's get to it!