Pod 135: Guess Who’s Back? (Back Again…)

March 23, 2017

What is dead may never die, but rises again stronger and harder! Welcome, welcome, welcome to The Fucking Reserves and Pod 135! Guys. It's been a hot minute. We've missed you so, we truly have. Join Paddy The Mc, Byron and Trevor Hale (Casey's gone into hiding with Oz) as they discuss the last six weeks of United, Paddy and Trevor's upcoming trip abroad, and the announcement that the Red Devils will be visiting us in our hometown of Salt Lake City (I've already put in a request for a Fellaini interview, don't worry)! So bear with us as we dust off the microphone and candy wrappers and get back to it.




Pod 134: Matchtastic Voyage

February 5, 2017

Did you miss us? We missed you! Join Paddy, Casey, and Trevor as they gather round the kitchen table, on a Sunday morning, coffee in hand and a game in the background as they cover all things United. It's been a few weeks since the last pod, so we breeze through a few matches, and then talk about the Leicester City victory in real time. There's a few #AskTheReserves, some #KneeJerkOffs and all the other fun stuff you've come to expect. Let's get to it!


Red Card Live! - Episode 74: Jak Gary Mike

February 1, 2017

Greetings Red Card Nation!! Lots of games since our last pod and we have a full house minus Officer Kurtz. While he was saving lives, we were letting it all hang out. Join us, won't you? #MUFC #GetSome #Podcast #Itunes @RedCardLive @MikeClaytonC @MiamiSpartan95 @Dalton_Kurtz @ReservesCast


Pod 133: She’s My Rushmore, Max

January 19, 2017

Three matches, one podcast! Episode 133 is here and it's full of great banter, boring stories and a ton of #AskTheReserves! We get into who would be on the United Mount Rushmore, the Reading, Hull City, and Liverpool matches, and of course, more speculation on The Greiz-man (a done deal, according to Casey). Settle in and let's get to it!



Red Card Live! - Episode 73: Double Stuffed

January 13, 2017

Welcome to 2017! We finally made it and guess what? It's a solo Red Card + a JnF just to kick off the New Year with bang! We've got a full house, 3 + Jak = Jak n Friends and it's all downhill from there. You'll be glad you couldn't see the pictures!! @RedCardLIVE @Dalton_Kurtz @MikeClaytonC @MiamiSpartan95 @ReservesCast


Pod 132: The Red Scare

January 5, 2017

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to Pod 132! The Fucking Reserves were able to record twice in two weeks and we're almost back on a regular schedule. This week we cover the Middlesborough and West Ham matches, look ahead to Reading and Hull City, get a new (our only?) unofficial sponsor and answer a handful of #AskTheReserves. The #KneeJerkOff makes a lackluster return, Ronda Rousey's future is discussed and we try our hand at LiveStreaming and podding at the same time. It doesn't go as well as I'd hoped. Anyway. Let's get to it!


Pod 131: Hated, Adored, but Never Ignored!

December 29, 2016

Santa came to town and he brought a new episode of The Fucking Reserves! Pod 131 is *finally* live and Casey, Paddy, and Trevor are on hand to talk about United's recent run of wins, some Gentlemen's Agreements, a handful of #AskTheReserves, upcoming match predictions, and more than a little movie talk. So sit back, fire up the stereo and let the sounds of rustling candy wrappers help you bring in the new year.

Thanks to everyone that's downloaded, subscribed, listened to, commented on, and interacted with our podcast this year. It's been really fun, and we love hearing from you. Keep it up, and we'll keep recording all the way through 2017!




Red Card Live! - Episode 72: The Glue

December 9, 2016

Greetings Red Card Nation - back again for a little 1v1 with Mike from RedlifeManU. Shooting the shit for about an hour we talk all things Manchester United. Join us, won't you? @RedCardLive @MikeClaytonC


Pod 130: Matchcast

December 8, 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Pod 130! Join Paddy and Trevor as they record during halftime and directly following the Europa League match this week. We touch on the Everton draw, who we think are actually "Mourinho's guys", and which players are in the shop window. We also give our predictions for the next two EPL matches and take a look at the December schedule. It's a little bit more focused, a little bit shorter, and there's not a single piece of candy being opened! So get to it.




Pod 129: Quiz Show

November 30, 2016

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Pod 129! The Reserves are back in action with a whole host of #AskTheReserves, more than a few #KneeJerkOff reactions, some studies about Mormon sex lives, thoughts on our President-elect, Thanksgiving dinner routines, and a couple minutes about our beloved Manchester United. You know the drill.